Class Format and Setup

Class is designed for beginners, suited for all levels, and runs for 90 minutes.

I lead by a spoken dialogue, as opposed to visual demonstrations. You move your body step-by-step from verbal commands. 

All instructions are clear, detailed, and approachable for beginners.

Active listening on your part and moving in time with the dialogue creates a moving meditation, and mind-body awareness. 

You'll be getting live, real-time coaching on how to move in and out of the postures safely and effectively.

Follow the pictures as a setup guide. No extra equipment required other than your video device. 

(tablet, smartphone, etc.)

Set your device at a slight angle against the front wall and make sure that you can see your whole body, even when your arms are raised over the head.

For best sound quality, pair your device to a Bluetooth speaker, stereo, wireless headphones,

or use speaker phone.

Questions? Send us an email!

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