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Ingrid Schaller

Hello!  I’m Ingrid Schaller.  I’ve been teaching in the wellness, health and fitness industry since 2011. I was drawn to yoga at first because my body did it easily. Gradually, I realized yoga could provide me with a guidebook to observe my mind. Taking my 500 hours of teacher training in the thick of parenting my two daughters, I found the practice illuminated my inner story and made me more self-aware. Even though I still cannot catch myself in times of high (negative) emotion, I can reflect, recover, and repair in my relationships. I find contentment more easily. As my daughters have grown, so too has my practice, my curiosity, and my teaching: I reach into a background in strength training, yoga, Pilates, TRX, and meditation for all my classes and private sessions. I look forward to our paths crossing! 

IG: @ingridschallerwellness

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    20 US dollars

Want a class with one-stop shopping benefits? Movement Lab explores the mindfulness of yoga, includes the core ideas in Pilates, and digs into strength practices that provide resilience in our bodies and minds. Try this movement fusion for a well-rounded workout on Mondays at 10am.

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