Frequently Asked Questions

Is this good for beginners?

Yes. Our program is designed for beginner students who have no experience with yoga, and it is suited for all levels. Instructions are clear, detailed, and move you step-by-step into and out of the postures.

Do I have to be flexible?

No. The purpose of doing yoga is to improve your range of motion and feel better. If you have limited range of motion you will see a big difference after your first several classes!

Why take a live class instead of watching a free video online?

Live classes offer so much more value than passively going along with a recorded class. The teacher can see you moving, and talk to you directly for live coaching. When you sign up for a live class you feel a greater sense of commitment to the process, because we are right there with you.


You are more likely to show up to a live class because there is a sense of being a part of a group.  With a recorded class it's a lot easier to slack off, take a break, grab a cup coffee, etc. You'll get the most out of a live class because we help you stay accountable to your practice.

Can I ask questions during class?

Yes and no. Before class begins the teacher will open the room early and allow students to ask questions. This will give the teacher a sense of specific topics that you want covered during class. You can ask a general question about the practice, or ask for the teacher to watch you during a specific posture and get coaching. After the class, students can stay in the room for a few minutes  to talk to the teacher for feedback.

How long does it take see results?

This depends on where you are starting from and how consistently you keep up with the practice. Beginner students are recommended to take at least 3-5 classes per week the first month, to get accustomed to the sequence and see noticeable progress. After you've become familiar with the sequence, its up to you to decide how frequently you need to practice to maintain your progress.

Why are classes 90 minutes long?

Our program is designed to give you results, and maximize your time and efficiency. The sequence contains 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that work all the systems of the body, every muscle, internal organs, and glands. You will begin to feel like a brand new person after your first few sessions, if you stick with the process. That is our promise.


We practice two sets of each posture. The first set is a warm up set, and the second set gives you a chance to go a litter deeper into the posture and solidify the technique. To get the full benefits of the program, 90 minutes is required for beginners. 

If you are an experienced practitioner, and pressed for time, it's possible to do a half class on your own. That is where you do one set all the way through, and it takes 45 minutes. This is not recommended for beginners!

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