What is Instrumental Yoga?

A lot of people are aware that yoga can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. I say that yoga is instrumental in achieving better health, and maintaining your health.

While attending Berklee College of Music in 2007 I began suffering from chronic pain in my spine, and nerve impingement in both of my arms. This was caused by repetitive stress from years of practicing playing saxophone, piano, and poor posture. I grew to feel a constant sense of hopelessness as these symptoms dramatically impacted my ability to play my instruments.

After two dedicated years of yoga practice, followed by a teacher training certification, I became fully free from all pain and discomfort in my body physically, and in my mind from the mental stress. The yoga practice proved to be instrumental in my healing process, and gave me back the control I wanted over my well-being because I was able to stop relying on chiropractic care twice a week.

This transformation culminated into a business I now call Instrumental Yoga. Bridging my two backgrounds together, music and yoga, I am committed to making the yoga practice I teach available to anyone who wants benefit from it, especially musicians.

If you're a person suffering from physical pain, mental and emotional stress, I want to encourage you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way for you to achieve freedom from your constraints and feel a tangible sense of being whole and complete.

That is what I offer at Instrumental Yoga. A process of personal transformation that is clear, approachable, and that works.

I invite you to join our community and take part in our online yoga sessions.

Take care and be well!



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