YOGA for Runners

Instrumental Yoga teaches a method of traditional Hatha Yoga that's perfect for runners, and other athletic activities. Running is amazing for the body, and yoga is the perfect compliment that will greatly enhance your athletic performance, and reduce repetitive stress.

I've had many students in my classes over the years who were avid runners, and used the yoga practice as a foundation to support their other athletic endeavors. The most common complaints I've noticed were stiff spines, tight hamstrings, and limited range of motion, and we fix all of that in yoga.

Our classes focus on:

  • Balancing the body's strength and flexibility.

  • Alleviating chronic pain by restoring range of motion.

  • Improving the immune system.

A regular yoga practice will help maintain your body so that you can enjoy your main athletic activities for years and years to come. 

Join us for an introduction week, and see the difference yoga can make for your running and athletic career!

What to bring

Yoga Mat

Large Bath Towel


Face mask

Positive Attitude



​​Relief from chronic back pain​

Improved range of motion​

Increased energy​

Better quality sleep​

Feeling happier​

Mental calmness​

Improved digestion

Instrumental Yoga
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