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Hatha Yoga 

26 & 2 Series


Family Yoga

This class is a 90 minute moving meditation, lead by a verbal dialogue with no hands-on adjustments. The teacher will give clear step-by-step instructions, so you always know exactly what to do in the moment. You will be guided safely into, and out of, each posture with clear  approachable technique.

Go slow. We do two sets of each posture. The first set is given to explore your range of motion and have a sense of where your body is today. The second set is an opportunity to go deeper into your range of motion, if you choose, and receive coaching from the teacher to help improve your technique.


Please join Dana DeShiro, LCSW, RYT, RCYT for an all-levels family yoga class. The poses are attuned to help kids learn yoga in a way that reflects their age and ability. We explore a variety of yoga postures that will cultivate calmness, increase self-awareness, self-regulation and create a balance between mind and body.

We’ll integrate activities for developing mindfulness, breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga games, partner poses and kid-friendly meditation. This family yoga class is geared towards 3-11 year olds.  This is a welcoming space and inclusive of all families.