Hello, and welcome to Instrumental Yoga!


My name is Brian Stern, and I've been a yoga teacher and practitioner in Boston since 2009. 


Yoga is a powerful tool, instrumental in overcoming all road blocks in your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


My mission is to make yoga available to anyone wanting to experience its healing benefits for themselves, and maybe discover other exciting ways the practice affects them too!

In 2007, I moved from California to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. During that time I developed chronic pain in my spine, arms, and hands from repetitive stress, poor posture, and injuries I sustained during my younger days of skateboarding and snowboarding.


Halfway through college, seeking relief, I began to see a chiropractor twice a week to manage the pain, which had already started impacting my ability to play my instruments. The physical challenges quickly escalated into mental and emotional barriers that left me questioning my pursuit of a life in music. My world had flipped so fast, it left me feeling devastated. 


The trauma my body was experiencing prompted me to try taking a few yoga classes, and within a few months of consistent practice I didn’t even need to see a chiropractor anymore to manage my pain. I very quickly became dedicated to practicing yoga on a weekly basis, and upon feeling the benefits, I knew I had to share my newfound passion for yoga with as many people as I could reach.


After graduating, I went back to California for a nine week training course to become a yoga instructor, and then returned to Boston teaching full-time at my home studio. My ultimate goal was to one day open up my very own studio.


Since then, I've been able to share my love of yoga with thousands of people from ages five to eighty-five.


Seeing firsthand the positive impact yoga has on issues ranging from physical disabilities to emotional hardships, has only ever strengthened my belief in its power.

Today I offer this opportunity to you as an option to break through your limitations. I promise to provide you the highest level of instruction and support, and will guide you on a pathway to help you reach your wellness goals.


Instrumental Yoga
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